Why Drugs, Alcohol and Other Addictions?

  • The question, to which the World desperately needs to find an answer to is, “Why do people, voluntarily violate their bodies, irreparably damage their minds, ruin their lives, marriages, families, destroy their futures and die prematurely from the consequences of substance abuse?”

    “Why?” “Why do they do it?”

    Ps 139:14. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.

    If God knows we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and we, consciously or sub-consciously, know it too, why do we do it? We desperately need to find an answer to this crippling question.

    Let’s think about Drug Abuse

    Inject it, smoke it or snort it and it causes permanent impairment to the users mind and memory. The individual loses control of their mind and depression becomes a problem for life. It jeopardises the Addicts future, career and marriage prospects. Hallucinations, paranoia and psychosis eventually overtake the Substance Abuser. Hard earned money is wasted and families go hungry and deprived. Spousal abuse becomes a real factor. To support such behavioural habits the individual begins to steal from family and friends eventually becoming involved with the Law and developing a Criminal Record.

    Let’s think about Cigarettes

    Medical evidence overwhelmingly supports that the smoking of tobacco related products causes lung cancer. It is also responsible for “secondary” or “passive” related lung cancers in family member’s especially young children. It has been established that for some the addiction to tobacco related products is more difficult to rehabilitate from than crack cocaine. It takes a minimum of 7 years for brain receptors to start to heal from nicotine addiction. Why waste hard earned cash paying extra duty & stamp taxes to governments (related to the cost of tobacco products) which can be as high as 200%!

    Let’s think about Alcohol

    Addiction to alcoholic beverages is renowned for causing anti-social behavioural attitudes i.e. violence, anger, fighting. Inevitably it causes difficulty in maintaining or finding employment. The drastically impaired ability of the Alcoholic driver can result in the loss of their license due to D.U.I. and cause the deaths of innocent people. The Alcoholic will develop “DT’s” and permanent liver and pancreas damage. They are eventually refused Medical Insurance and sometimes medical attention too.

    Let’s think about Sex

    Why sex before marriage? It violates God’s design for a secure marriage and family. According to God’s design it is irresponsible to bring children into this world without a proper family support. Illicit sex also runs the risk of STD’s, HIV & AIDS which can cause mental instability and or death. Most of life’s problems can be traced back to the breakdown of marriage or as a result of a dysfunctional family background.

    Let’s think about Pornography

    Pornography is as addictive as any drug. It becomes progressive. It leads to immorality, incest and rape. It ruins future relationships with the opposite sex. It is degrading, disrespects and breeds violence against women.

    Let’s think about the Internet, T.V. & Computer Games

    The internet, television & computer games can be addictive. They can impair the mind and imagination of children especially. They destroy problem solving abilities. They isolate and segregate family members. They encourage violence. Garbage in Garbage out. Tom & Jerry – Innocent fun or Gratuitous Violence? Envious and impulsive TV adverts – Constructive? Soap Operas – Exaggerated life becomes life. Hollywood – Sex, Violence & Robbery. Fashions – Barbie image.

    Let’s think about Food

    Body imaging in the media and unrealistic expectations from TV and media diet promotions causes various forms of addicted diet related eating problems. Dysfunctional backgrounds and psychological problems can also produce Anorexia, Bulimia, Comforting Eating and Yo yo dieting.

    Let’s think about Music

    Music in its many modern forms listened to with excessive volume damages irreversibly the listener’s hearing permanently. Some forms of music contain subliminal messages that can promote some people to take drastic actions.

    Let’s think about Fashion, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetics

    Many are less than happy about their body image and facial features due in part to media imaging and life as portrayed in Soap Operas. The desire for eternal youth and the denying of the aging of the body flies in direct contrast to how our bodies function. The acquisition of fashion clothes, shoes and accessories can be, for some, addictive as can be plastic surgery and cosmetics.

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