Clients Testimonies

  • Graduate “J”
    I have been Drug and Alcohol free since 1989. I am now a Senior Staff Member of The Bahamas National Drug Council. For me it was the whole man approach to my many problems that enabled me to succeed. I am also the Sunday School Superindendant of my church and regularly caution them about the abuse of Drugs and Alcohol.

    Graduate “K”
    I graduated in 1996 and continue to go from strength to strength. I have since attained qualifications in Cabinet Making and at The Telios Bible College in Nassau. I also continued at The Haven as Workshop Manager for a few years.

    Graduate “M”
    I look back to 1990 when I first entered the program and I attribute my years of sobriety to the structure and discipline of the Christian style programme run by the dedicated Haven Staff.

    Graduate “T”
    I am now a senior Security Officer at a large Builders & Hardware company here in Nassau and return to The Haven to assist in the night duty. I draw on my several years of sobriety to encourage others.

    Graduate “R”
    I graduated in 1994 and have since married and become active in my Church. I have secure employment with one of the largest food importers in the country. I enjoy sharing my experiences of what God has done in my life with others.

    Graduate “S”
    I had relapsed several times before coming to The Haven but through their structured disciplined programme I have graduated. I have also gone on to train in theology and am now a Pastor of a local Church in Nassau.

    Graduate “N”
    I tried 7 programs and even then fell out of The Haven Programme. I finished up living on the City Garbage Dump. It was there one night that God spoke to me regarding my life and all the programmes I had been in. To-day, over 15 years later, I am a Barber and use my life and work to share with my customer what God has done in my life.

    Graduate “M”
    I never knew my proper name and had no birth certificate. I finished up living for 12 years between Prison and the City Garbage Dump. Now 12 years later I am on the Staff of The Haven, married and very active in my church. I owe it all to The Haven Programme and their Christian Discipleship Programme.